Thursday, May 28, 2009

Archie to Marry Veronica?

I don't get it, WHY is this news? On every single news website, and TV news. Its on. I DON'T understand. I get that after 70 years this FICTIONAL character has made a choice. But I mean come on. And its also the fact that Im a Betty fan I think that I don't really like the news.
On another note, I'm re watching 90210 the original series, it makes me laugh how many stars have been in this show, and how they begin at such a young age.
In the past month Ive seen 3 movies:
Wolverine - Ok
Star Trek - Fantastic for what it was
Terminator - I liked it for a movie, not part of the series.
I got a promotion for lack of a better term at work. ... . but I will update on that later.

This is a quick update for now.....I promise for a real one soon.

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