Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Montreal this weekend

So, I know I haven't been posting a lot lately. I seem to have started off strong then fizzled out. SO after this weekend I am going to try and post at least once a week. And hopefully after this weekend, Ill have some stories to tell. Going to MTL with PB (of course) AP and NLR, for a last trip before baby comes for AP and NLR.
We are going to see the Indiana Jones exhibit at the Montreal Science Center. I personally CANNOT wait for this exibit. I plan on taking a ton of pictures, with and without people in them. I am going to be bringing both cameras with me to Montreal. I just dont know which one I am going to take to the museum. It depends on if PB wants to carry my big Nikon or not.
Packing my purse for a trip like this can be annoying. I think I am going to make 2 "purses" up to bring. 1 with all the car stuff and big enough to take with me to the museums and such, and a small one for the dinners. We are only going for the one night, but we plan on spending quite a lot of time there.
ECP wont be coming with us this trip :( so she will be looking after the kitty monsters for us. Even if it is just for one night.
Ill write soon, I have quite a few ideas for posts in the future. Some girly, and some regular, so we will have to see where it takes us.

Enjoy the weekend! I know I will!

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