Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon - Why I love them an other things...

Welcome to a five part post about Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith, with a couple of honorable mentions in between.

First a little back story.
I am a pop culture junkie, and am addicted to technology and TV. I am not afraid to admit it, please do not get me wrong. I do not spend every waking moment watching TV but it is what I do most of the time when noting else is going on. I love my IPAD, and phone and I also have a Kindle in which I read on. (believe me I do get out of the house)
Anyway I digress, I have 2 favorite directors who dabble in both Movie and TV land. I was thinking about blogging about Joss, because the Boy and I were talking about how he always kills off the best people. (This will get its own post - BELIEVE ME) And later that night I began to think about this summer when I get to see Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes speak in Toronto. A tiny little light bulb went off in my head. These two (Kevin and Joss) are very similar.

Both men are the following or have done the following:
  • Directed both TV and Movies - Though Kevin isn't known for his TV directing he still has done it. 
  • They both write for TV, Movies and comic books. 
  • They both have acted in movies, and TV. - A little note on this. Both Joss and Kevin were on Veronica Mars. (Again Ill get back to that in a bit) 
They just have a ton in common. So over the next few weeks, as I do some research, I am going to show the similarities, and the differences as well as why these two men, as well as another man who has a lot in common with them are my favorite men in Hollywood.

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