Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sitting on the Moon

Ok I lied; this post will not be about the Endyium CD release party. I decided to tell you why I called this sitting on the moon.

My OAC year of high school back in 1999 (EEK) I had this dream; it was one of the most vivid dreams that I had ever had. I had died, and I was looking out for my friends on earth. *yes it was quite like Lovely Bones....don't get me started, I’ll explain this later* So I decided to write it out one day after telling a couple of people the story of my dream. Megan, Pam and Jeff practically forced me to sit down at a computer and type it out.
The original draft was 30 pages long, and even to me now that appears like a lot. I handed it in to my writers craft teacher Mr. Wheeler, and asked him to look it over when he got a chance. Less than a week later, he hands it back to me, with a lot of grammar corrections, spelling mistakes; basically a lot of red, but tells me that, there is a lot of potential there. To keep on writing, and see what comes of it.

Well ten years later, I have not gotten much further than that 30 pages, I do believe the draft that I'm working on at the moment is only 72. With revisions of the story coming out my wazoo, and so many different people coming in and out of my life that I have either taken them out or added people the story is just not what it used to be. I don’t even think that I have a copy of the original 30 page draft. But I still remember the story like it was yesterday.

As you can guess it is called Sitting on the Moon, unlike Lovely Bones *which I have yet to read, and really want to by the way* the main character is killed in a car crash/hit and run. Now this title has meant the world to me ever since. I have a tattoo of the “book cover” on my left shoulder. My mom, bless her, gets me something with either the moon and the stars, and at least one thing sitting on the moon every year for Christmas. My signature when I'm signing cards to those I love a lot will even receive ‘love always and forever sitting on top of the moon together’ (which I cannot take credit for...that was Meghan.) Sitting on the Moon has meant a lot to me my entire life, and so making the title of this blog, the same just seemed appropriate to me somehow.

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