Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Soundtrack of my life...

So the journal wiriting prompt was What music album would be used for a movie about your life. But I have decided to take it one step further and just give you a few songs that I think would be on it. Not one specific album, because lets face it, who would just pick one band?

This is a mix of old and new.

1) The Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack - This song was apparently playing when I was born, or so the story goes by my mom.
2) The Traveling Wilburys - The End of the Line - I cannot think of my grandfather without thinking of us singing this song in the car.
3) Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers - Islands in the Stream - Grandpa L and Nana L, this song was theirs and again I cannot hear it without thinking about them.
4) Chris DeBerg - Lady in Red - My parents song.
5) The Beach Boys - Kokomo - My first road trip, my mom and her best friend and her two kids. Who I am still friends with and are family.
6) Randy Travis - Forever and Ever Amen - See Above
7) Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract - my first bite at the stage in a talent show.
8) Kermit the Frog - Rainbow Connection - this song was my childhood.
9) Amazing Grace - I cannot listen to this song anymore because it was played at my fathers funeral, but I went to sleep with this lullaby every single night as a child.
10) Sarah McLachlan - I will Remember You - sums up all the people I lost over the span of 10 years, due to death, and my own stupidity.
11) Alanis Morissette - Ironic - Sums up my teenage years almost perfectly. (Think the acoustic version - I had said husband LONG before she did)
12) Evanescence - My Immortal - Sums up a lot of my younger teens. Hell Evanescence was almost the only band I listened to. Ask ECP and CW.
13) Sugarland - Stay - it was a lot of years. And this song, I am happy someone could put it to music.
14) Sting - A Brand New Day - again sums it up pretty precisely - I can remember sitting in the car and realizing I had feelings for PB, and in about 16 days we are going to celebrate our 5th anniversary.
15) Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars - this is PB's and my song.
16) Puddle of Mud - She hates me - is ECP's and my song. We actually have many, but this song is always going to make me turn up the sterio and sing along and smile from ear to ear thinking of her.
17) Seether with Amy Lee - Broken - Just one of my all time favourite songs.
18) Mamma Mia - Chiquitita - is for SG - the lyrics tell all.
19) Dr. Horribles Sing a long Blog - is for PB, ECP, CW, and SG
20) Emma Bunton - A World Without You - this song is for JR. - Forever our song, and mainly because this is a compromise to not have the Spice Girls on my life soundtrack. :)
21) ABBA - Dancing Queen - just for good measure.
22) Coyte Shivers - Sugar High - is a great ending to this CD again, just a great song.

And there you have it. What I think my soundtrack is. Or at least the first CD set.

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