Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The show I cannot stop watching...

So it says a lot about me that I have turned off the TV tonight to listen to a podcast at home. I usually reserve this task for when I am at work. I am actually hoarding a lot of things to listen to because I will be alone in the office almost all next week due to my boss/co-worker going on vacation.
But tonight I found myself not wanting to wait to listen to Plus One Per Diem Kevin Smith and Jen Schwalbach's (Kevin's wife) podcast. Where they had an hour and a half long interview with Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal. If you don't know who they are well here is a bit of a lesson.

Kurt Sutter is the writer, director, creator and actor on Sons of Anarchy, and Katey Sagal is his wife, who you might know as Peg Bundy on Married with Children and Lelia on Futurama, but she also has a role on on Sons of Anarchy, as the matriarch Gemma Teller.

I cannot tell you how much I love this show. I own the first two seasons on DVD and cannot stop watching them. It seems to be my fall back TV show when nothing else is on and nothing on Nextflix catches my eye. The drama, the effects, the acting, and especially the character development just make for fantastic TV.

I have recently heard that they are comparing it to a biker/modern Hamlet. Which I can see, and completely understand once I sat back and thought about it. An outlaw biker club, built of criminals, ranging from petty theft to murder, protect their town of Charming. (the irony is not lost on me)

Without giving too much away my three favorite characters are Gemma Teller, who is as bad as it sounds, is the mother I want to be. So fierce and protecting of her child, and family that she is willing to throw herself into the fire in order to protect them.
Jax Teller her son, who is the Hamlet character for all intensive purposes. He is tortured in many ways, but his main goal is to get 'the club' to go in another direction, away from crime.
And last but certainly not least is Opie Winston, I cannot give anything way because his story is so important throughout the entire series that anything I say will be a spoiler. But I LOVE his character.

If you haven't yet seen this show, or know what it is about, please look at the links I have given you and give it a chance. I wasn't too sure when my brother made the suggestion, but, if the DVDs I own don't run out in a couple of years, I will be SHOCKED.

Until next time...

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